There’s no such thing as perfect, just well-practiced.

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Every writer will tell you that their love of writing came shortly after discovering their love for reading and the way books make them feel. Most of us start out on our writing paths writing fan-fiction or just trying to channel our favorite authors as we go along.

The first mistake I made was thinking that anything I wrote was going to be good the first time. …

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When you’re picking your point of view for your story, you’re determining the perspective from which your readers will take in your story as well as the relationship they are going to have with it.

The relationship between the reader and the story is going to directly impact how believable your world is for your reader and how close they get to be to that world and the story itself.

Since the point of view determines the reader’s relationship, the most important question to ask yourself is — how close do you want that relationship to be?

Different Perspectives

There are different…

When you have too many ideas and just don’t know where to start — here’s how you can narrow it down.

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When you have a lot of unfinished projects waiting for your return or a long list of ideas you want to work on, it can be hard to know which project to pick first.

As someone with a graveyard full of unfinished stories and ideas — I’m no stranger to the concept.

For some writers, it’s easy to decide which idea to tap back into first but for most of us, it’s a little harder, and the longer the…

I’ve created a writing system that supports my daily writing habit so I’m always making the most of my writing time.

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Building a writing habit helps us to be more consistent with our writing, develop our skills as writers, and overall it’s meant to help us reach our goals.

Most importantly — at least in my opinion — is that having a healthy writing habit enables us to sit down and do the work on the days when it’s hardest to write and inspiration and motivation fail to show up and offer support.

Over this last year that shall not…

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Self care has always been at the top of list of priorities for as long as I could remember.

Sometimes I like to be extra and give myself a whole at home spa treatment — gone are the days when I could safely leave the bubble of my home and receive the spa treatment — and sometimes I just like to keep it simple with a fresh mani-pedi and a face mask.

As I’ve gotten deeper into my writing career, I’ve realized how much my inner creative needs more self care the more I demand of her. …

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There’s nothing like the smell of a new notebook and planner that gets me to listing all the things I want to do and projects I want to get finished for the year that risk being abandoned at some point as a direct result of me planning those things out poorly.

I don’t have a problem crossing goals off of the list, but I tend to get a little less done than I planned because I don’t set myself up to be great in the face of all the writing goals I set.

When it comes to setting writing goals…

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I remember being a kid and jumping rope outside in front of the building. I was so good at double-dutch, and even though I was never really competing with anyone but myself, I still didn’t think anyone was as good as me.

Before I could ever think it, a family member sees me and tells me, “ you can’t make a living jumping rope.”

I was ten.

I wasn’t living at all and I sure as hell didn’t know how to make one or what that meant. …

S.M.Ryan The Writer

Samantha M. Ryan is an urban fantasy author from the Bronx, sharing stories and writing-related content with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other.

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